We take care of the complete audio pipeline. From an overall sound concept to asset creation and audio production to the audio implementation.
Our team combines the knowledge of music composition, sound design and game development.


Good sound design means creating a perfect match of audio & visuals. We take care of the concepting as well as the creation of the sounds. May it be a subtle player feedback or a huge explosion, our handcrafted sound assets will underline your games aesthetics and let it stand out from the crowd.


A good soundtrack underlines a story, gives sceneries a fitting sonic atmosphere or lets your heart race in an action driven battle scene. We will create tailormade pieces of music that emphasize the emotional aspect of your project. We are able to adapt to very different styles, so don’t be afraid to express your wishes.


Creating audio doesn’t stop at the sound-file itself. Sounds and music that react and adapt to the experience are a core aspect of our work. May it be by using an audio middleware or working directly in the game engine, we’ll build playback systems that bring the audio in the world you create to life.


For full immersion in XR, intelligent sound design in terms of spatialization & binauralization is mandatory. We understand the needs of this emergent technologies and make sure that the sound source localization will be as accurate as possible.


Giving sounds & music this extra thump and crisp high frequencies. Creating a cinematic feel. We’ll add the right amount of juice and clarity to the audio environment so that everything will sound nice and smooth together. The final touch for each created asset.


We also offer voice recordings, field recordings, sound brandings, sound and music for trailers & cinematics, audio restauration, etc.
If you have special enquiries, feel free contact us.


We are two brothers (David & Markus) who basically do two things together since our childhood: making music and playing video games.
Our background ranges from game development to sound design and music composition, and we are based in the beautiful City of Vienna / Austria.

We played in an indie pop band in our younger years, co-producing three records and spending a lot of time in studios, watching and learning from producers and engineers (and playing way too many live shows – all over Europe).

In 2015, we met Tobias Wurscher (Wobblersound Co-Founder and Member from 2015 – 2018), an Multi-Instrumentalist from Vienna/Karlshamn.
Together we decided it was time for something new, something where we could combine our love of creating audio with our passion for interactive media.

So Wobblersound was born.


Implementation / Technical Sound Design / Sound Design

I have always been fascinated by games and music.
After studying informatics & working as a game developer for several years, I started to immerse myself more and more into the field of sound design and interactive audio. I also built my own hardware effects (incl. etching my own circuit boards…lol) and programmed different musical software (e.g. a Beat Generator).
At Wobblersound, I can combine all my skills in one job.


Composition / Foley

After composing and performing as a musician for almost a decade I decided to dig deeper into music production. I produced several albums for different artists, and worked in the industry as an instrumentalist, singer and mixing engineer. I consider myself a soundnerd. This is what also brought me to sound design.

wobblersound – Because the right choice of sound makes experiences unique.

At Wobblersound we consider each project a unique challenge, pushing our own limits and not afraid of trying something new.
We’re happy to discuss any kind of project with you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!