Rifter || Game

Sound Design and Musictrack we made for the awesome, fast paced Grappling Hook on Steroids Game RIFTER by Max Csuk. Inspired by the visual style of the game we went for 80ties Retro Future Synthwave Sounds & Music.

Rifter will be released on July, 12th on STEAM!

We will add some Sound FX Preview Videos once Rifter is released, since this video was recorded some time ago and a lot of SFX weren’t finished at this time.

We can’t wait until this pretty thing is finished and we can speed-run through all the levels!
Max was so kind to provide us with footage from his Gameplay Trailer.

Wobblersound – we deliver the (grappling) hook.^^


Max Csuk | IMakeGames

Our Work:

Sound Design | OST | Soundtrack | Music Composition & Production