Steel Circus || Game

Steel Circus is an online future sports game where teams of unique champions face each other in fast-paced online matches.
The premise sounds simple: “Score points by shooting the ball into the goal of your opponents”. Easier said than done when you have only split seconds to throw the ball while an angry Scotsman tries to smash you with his fist and artillery shells are exploding left and right.

Regarding Audio, we at Wobblersound covered the complete Pipeline: We did Sound Design, Music and Audio Implementation (Unity).

Steel Circus is available on Steam!
Update: Sadly, the publisher decided to no longer support the game, and the servers were shut down.

Yet still, we will gather some of our recorded matches to post an ingame video soon.

Our Work:

Sound Design | Music Composition & Production | Audio Implementation

– – –

Sound Design | Music Composition & Production | Audio Implementation: Wobblersound (David Zahradnicek, Markus Zahradnicek)
Developer: Iron Mountain Interactive
Publisher: Oasis Games