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Vienna All Tomorrows || AR-Theater

Adaptive Composition (incl. Audio Implementation) & Sound Design we made for the Augmented Reality Multiplayer Simulation Game Vienna All Tomorrows.

In Vienna All Tomorrows you play as one of three political factions. Together with your teammates you (can) try to create a better future for Vienna, strengthen your own team at any cost or invent AI politicians for the greater good (or worse).

The music composition explained:
Each faction has an influence value, which will change (grow / fall) throughout the game. The influence of EACH faction is represented in the music at any given time. Meaning there are three music compositions, that are created and mixed together interactively during the gameplay.
The more influence a faction has, the more foreground-ish their particular theme gets. More influence = more instruments | sound effects | volume.

Additionally to the music composition and the audio implementation we created different news jingles, voice recordings and sound effects for the news flashes that are played during the game.
Depending on the decisions of the players, different news flashes will be played & outcomes for the viennese population will occur.

Vienna All Tomorrows has been shown at the VOLX (Volkstheater Vienna) in Spring and will be shown again in Fall 2018.

Press Reactions: Der Standard, The Gap, FM4.


Volkstheater Vienna

Our Work:

Audio Implementation | Music Composition & Production | OST | Soundtrack | Sound Design

– – –

Narrative Design, Text: Georg Hobmeier, Anita Augustin
Programming: Christian Knapp
Visual Concept, Art, Stage: Clemens Scott
Visual Concept, Animation, Video: Reinhold Bidner
Costume: Geraldine Massing
Sound, Music: Wobblersound (David Zahradnicek, Markus Zahradnicek)
Commander: Angie Hanko
Dramaturgy: Veronika Maurer
Vienna All Tomorrows Logo | Faction Logos: © Clemens Scott / Volkstheater
Vienna All Tomorrows Feature Image: © Clemens Scott & Team Vienna All Tomorrows
Vienna All Tomorrows News Flash Image | News Flash Animations: © Reinhold Bidner / Volkstheater