Wunderberg || VR Game

SFX Showcase Video (Pre Release Footage!) for the VR Game „Wunderberg Prelude: The Tear“.
We will provide an updated SFX-video as soon as the game is released.

Wunderberg is a poetic journey to your inner magical self.
The prelude of Wunderberg „The Tear“ is more than ‚just a game‘. It incorporates YOU, your voice, your image, your behavior and takes you on a journey to your inner self.
This VR-Experience-Game is set in a mystical fantasy world that creates new forms of interactions – a single touch of a fairy on your hand can lead to a chain of surprising events.

Wunderberg is currently in development.
At Wobblersound we create the SFX and do the audio implementation with Wwise and Unity.


Game Gestalt | entreZ

Our Work:

Sound Design | Audio Implementation | Voice Recordings | Additional Music Arrangements